Why I Feel the Bern

by Mostly Commons

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This is our song dedicated to Bernie Sanders. Pay as you want, and we will donate it to the Bernie Sanders campaign. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmKy17bBs_U


Today I looked outside at a nation I call mine
Its given me a good life it's treated me just fine
And though I'm living happily I feel a sense of shame
knowing that so many could never say the same

I'm just another person there's no power I can claim
How could I make a difference how could I make a change
But now we have an answer a man to lead the way
He's here to save our home and Bernie is his name.

That's why I feel the Bern
That's why I feel the Bern
That's why I feel the Bern
That's why I feel the Bern

We say we're an example of how the world should be
But we still have kings in castles and peasants at their feet
and now we’re just a country always hungering for more
with the rich still getting richer and the rest becoming poor

So Bernie came to tell us that our system is corrupt
He'll stand up to the big banks he's gonna break em up
But he can't do it alone and thats where we come in
So lets stand with Bernie Sanders 'cause the world needs him to win


We drown ourselves in issues too many to discuss
But there’s one we can't ignore 'cause it wont wait for us
To put it plain and simple our earth is very sick
Climate change is real there's no denying it

So many Politicians are hiding from the facts
and Bernie is the only one who knows we have to act
'cause unlike all the others he’s not putting himself first
He wants to leave our children with a healthy planet earth



released May 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Mostly Commons Boston, Massachusetts

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